Get Great at Sales Calls

What would your life & business look like if you got great at sales calls and closed more sales?  

How to ask better questions, get great at sales calls and close more deals.

Are you a serviced based entrepreneur?  

Ever thought...“I hate sales calls.” or “I don’t want to be pushy.”  

 #boldtruth: if you wonder if you are pushy, you aren’t.  

How are your sales conversations & discovery calls going? Do you have all the clients you want?

Someone right now, in this very moment, is wishing YOU could help. 

Your job is to clearly explain what you do so they want your offer.

By asking better questions, your business can change on your very next sales call. 

* Start using this script, keep it by the phone, STUDY IT. 

* Learn to ask the right questions, including the #1 most important question to ask so you BOTH know if you are a good fit! 

* Learn HOW-TO convey the VALUE of your offer so your client understands the return on investment (ROI). (this is one of the hardest things for women to do...we are not taught to honor our strengths).

* Eliminate feeling pushy or salesy because you understand the process or flow of how to ask THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. 

Once you learn this, your confidence will soar and you will be able to help more clients.  

I had 35 "no's" in a row!  

Why were other people selling big packages and I wasn't?  

So, I decided to MASTER having sales calls (I call them closing the deal calls. Some people say discovery calls)  

Number 36 said "YES!" and that CHANGED everything. 

I was able to close 6 figures in 70 days. Closing 8 out of 10 calls is the new normal for me and my clients. I increased my business 450% in a year. But it didn't start out like that!  

By asking better questions my business completely exploded and yours can, too.

Well, part of it was I was not asking the best questions to truly understand if my prospect was a fit for me and if I was a fit for HER.

This script is going to give you all the best questions so you will: 

1. Feel confident finding out what she wants. 

2. Feel confident explaining what you do. 

3. Feel confident with the flow of the conversation. 

4. Feel confident in making your offer. 

(Also, you will better understand why R.O.I. is CRITCIAL) RETURN ON INVESTMENT. 

Mastering the skill of communicating how working with you is going to truly help her is KEY!

Your discovery calls are just conversations to determine if she is the right client for you and if your product or service is right for her. 

It doesn't need to be more complicated than that.