Time Freedom

Wow, I'm back! I took time off. So now, back to school means back to work. Is your business set up for you to take time off? If not, why not? You became a business owner to: have more flexibility to call the shots to make as much money as you want so you aren't...

3 Big Money Pits my clients don’t see.

My clients are all the same. They are tired of wasting time trying to figure it all out themselves. They are not happy that they "have to" reach out for support because they are so great at their biz, that it is not easy to admit they need a fresh pair of eyes to see...

Excuses for not working.

Excuses for not working. No one can get shit done as well as I can. Have you ever thought that? Right now, as I sit here ....with my healthy snack, my housekeeper is cleaning, my husband is on his video conference and I can HEAR HIM (ugh), the contractor is BEHIND...

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