Women Entrepreneurs! It’s your time to

Make a BIG Difference & Make a BIG Profit.

IF you want the how-to’s without the b.s…..welcome, you have come to the right place!


Want more Confidence, Clients & Cash?

Get my complete sales system “Closing the Deal Calls: How to close 8 out of 10 calls!” (without feeling pushy or salesy).

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Being B.O.L.D. is about becoming a

Brave Outgoing Leader Deciding to make a Big Difference and a Big Profit doing what you….love.

As a kickass coach who works with dynamic women all over the world, I created a multi-6 figure coaching business part-time. Not in YEARS, but in ONE (1) short year.  I increased my revenue 450% in 2015, so if I can do it, YOU can.

You are  FINALLY READY to create a biz you love, create impact in the world, work with clients who are amazing and make the kind of money you desire and deserve …without buying into the lie that you have to live a life of sacrifice in order to do it, right?

Maybe you have had some serious success already, maybe you are making great money…but you know there is something more out there for you. You FEEL it. You are tired of worrying if you are “good enough” or “worth it”…You KNOW you have something inside that is ready to JUMP out. Yet, you just don’t know exactly HOW-TO get it all done.

I get it. I was tired of wondering if I was ever going to really make it BIG. I knew I had a mission in this life and I knew my one BIG REGRET would be not going for it! Not really pushing myself, just for me, just to see what I was made of!

It’s time to live your life unapologetically. It’s time to see yourself living out your full purpose and potential. It’s time to stop hiding and play full out. Not caring what the world thinks, only caring that it’s your time now and you are going to claim it.


I’m Mary Bicknell a top Business Success Coach for women who desire to show up for themselves, make a big difference in the world and finally make the money they desire so they have time and financial FREEDOM!

I am driven to support you in becoming a powerful business owner, so you can do the “thing” you were put here to do; to make the money that will allow you to have fun, to give to their kids, to create a legacy, to be independent; and so you can drop all your mental baggage that is keeping you from being the woman you know you are, the woman you want to be…NOW.

Your time is today, now, this very moment. Yes, YOU…the one wandering around the internet, looking for the answer. You have the answer within you…but I am happy to support you along your incredible ride. CLAIM IT

So you are in the right spot if you:

  • Are ready to finally f’ing go for it because you are tired of that voice in your head begging YOU to show UP!
  • Are ready to give to yourself the support that will save you so much time and money and frustration
  • Are ready to do whatever it takes to get whatever the hell you WANT
  • Are ready to transform the money story that is holding you back so you are FINANCIALLY FREE
  • Are ready to drop the inner fear b.s. and learn the real HOW-TO’s of biz building
  • Are ready to design a life and build a biz to support it, claim it, own it…allow yourself to deserve it

I’m not even able to express in words how much I get out of my sessions with you. Powerful with lots of light bulb moments.  You are such a blessing in my life and I appreciate you so much.
Working with Mary has allowed me to double my rates, become a highly  sought after speaker, build my confidence and push myself. ​Creating a 5 week program was a big shift for me, I learned how to not over deliver but instead provide my clients with the information they needed and then funnel them into my other packages. I made more in the first few months of the year than I had in the entire PREVIOUS YEAR.

Nikki Rausch

Sales Maven Coach, www.yoursalesmaven.com

You are meant for so much more!

Schedule a call with Mary now.

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