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Your business can give you everything you want….it’s all available to you…even if you are stuck or have plateaued. 


I’m Mary Bicknell a top Business Consultant and Coach for women who are already experts and professionals at what they do. In fact, you already are successful…to a point, but you have hit a roadblock, or you are stuck at multiple 6 figures or even 7 figures and you are ready to jump off this plateau.

Making a big impact in the world is important to you. You want to have fun spending your profits. You long for free time to do what you thought you would be doing by now!

FREE TIME is the most important thing you are missing out on…and that means you are missing out on the sweetness of life and you are done with that.

Your time is today, now, this very moment. Yes, YOU…the one wandering around the internet, looking for the answer. You are ready to go for it, to figure out what that missing link is. You are ready, NOW. 

So you are in the right spot if you have ever asked these questions:

  • How do I learn how to run my business as expertly as I serve my clients and customers?
  • Why don’t I have more free time, I mean I am making great money, it doesn’t make sense?
  • How do I find more of my perfect client….easily?
  • How can I stop feeling bad because I want more out of my life?
  • When am I finally going to go for it? and jump off this plateau, stop being stuck!
  • How can I have a simpler way to run this business?
  • How do I delegate? How do I set boundaries with clients (and other people in my life)?
  • How do I stop being so busy? It’s exhausting.
  • What can I leverage in my business so I can make money without “me” having to do all?


Being B.O.L.D. is about becoming a

Brave Outgoing Leader Deciding to have more Impact, Profits and


Stick around if you want to listen to a consultant and coach who works with dynamic women all over the world, creating a multi-6 figure business part-time, quickly. Not in YEARS, but in ONE (1) short year I increased my revenue 450%, so if I can do it, YOU can.

READY to get off your plateau and fall back in love with your business, create a bigger impact in the world, work with clients who are amazing and make the kind of money you desire and deserve …without buying into the lie that you have to live a life of sacrifice in order to do it, right?

Maybe you have had some serious success already, maybe you are making great money…but you know there is something more out there for you. You FEEL it. You are tired of worrying if you are “good enough” or “worth it”…You KNOW you have something inside that is ready to JUMP out. Yet, you just don’t know exactly HOW-TO get it all done.

I get it. I was tired of wondering if I was ever going to really make it BIG. I knew I had a mission in this life and I knew my one BIG REGRET would be not going for it! Not really pushing myself, just for me, just to see what I was made of!

It’s time to live your life unapologetically. It’s time to see yourself living out your full purpose and potential. It’s time to stop hiding and play full out. Not caring what the world thinks, only caring that it’s your time now and you are going to claim it.

You can work hard with killing yourself. You can work hard part-time. You can work hard….but maybe, just maybe let’s redefine what working hard means for you!

I’m not even able to express in words how much I get out of my sessions with you. Powerful with lots of light bulb moments.  You are such a blessing in my life and I appreciate you so much.
Working with Mary has allowed me to double my rates, become a highly  sought after speaker, build my confidence and push myself. Creating a 5 week program was a big shift for me, I learned how to not over deliver but instead provide my clients with the information they needed and then funnel them into my other packages. I made more in the first few months of the year than I had in the entire PREVIOUS YEAR.
Nikki Rausch

Sales Maven Coach,

You are meant for so much more!

Schedule a call with Mary now.

Update: I talk about you all the time. Clarity is king! Thank you for helping me create the AUTHORity Package and tighten up my sales conversation.
We will end 2016 with nearly $500k in sales! We’re on track for $2.4 million in 2017!
The VIP DAY I had with Mary was a GAME CHANGER. Because of the clarity and new found sales confidence I gained working with Mary, it has catapulted our business. This was a long overdue, major shift that I just wasn’t getting on my own. Within the first week after developing my new product I had my first 15K week. Since then I have signed numerous clients, I am a featured speaker and have the business I have always dreamed about. We accomplished so much in just a few months. Thank you Mary so much, I can’t tell you how valuable your coaching was. I know I will make back many thousands of times my investment.
Kathy Kidd
Owner, THRIVE Business Development

Kathy Kidd


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