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It’s 2 a.m. Sound familiar?

It’s 2 a.m.  Sound familiar?  

  • I should be able to figure this out on my own, I am the one who is the helper! I don’t like asking for help.
  • I know it may look like my practice is successful, but I don’t feel like it because I work all the time.
  • I kinda resent my biz, there is so much to do, and I’m not sure what to do about it.
  • I feel restless!  I LOVE LIFE & want more free time!
  • I am sick of missing out on my kids activities, feeling scattered, bitchy, I miss working out, date night…I don’t want to miss out.
  • I’m tired.  I am working hard, but it still doesn’t feel like enough. 
  • STUCK….I am tired of being STUCK!!

Yes, waking up at 2 a.m. and having all those racing thoughts, self-doubts and feelings of anxiety is all because you are stuck. You wand to grow your private practice, but you are not sure what the next step is.

So just for a moment, imagine you don’t wake up with worry or panic. You get to enjoy your life! You don’t miss out on what is important to you! You feel fulfilled and not drained. You feel energized and not burnt out. You are helping all the people in the world you want. You know you are impacting lives for the good!

You can do this!

You can build and grow a private practice that you have always dreamed about…one that will make you proud!

You are working hard. You know there is more to life…and you want to have the TIME FREEDOM you desire. Decide…right now to have the life you want and grow your private practice.

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How to Create Systems in Your Practice

You know you need to create systems in your practice. You know you need to create them for your life and your know this! And yet, you aren't sure either where to start...or how to re-start. Maybe you have been chugging along and have gotten plateaued...

I’m not even able to express in words how much I get out of my sessions with you. Powerful with lots of light bulb moments.  You are such a blessing in my life and I appreciate you so much.
Working with Mary has allowed me to double my rates, become a highly sought after speaker, build my confidence and push myself. Creating a 5 week program was a big shift for me, I learned how to not over deliver but instead provide my clients with the information they needed and then funnel them into my other packages.
I made more in the first few months of the year than I had in the entire PREVIOUS YEAR.
Nikki Rausch, Coach

Update: I talk about you all the time. Clarity is king! Thank you for helping me create the AUTHORity Package and tighten up my sales conversation.

We will end 2016 with nearly $500k in sales! We’re on track for $2.4 million in 2017!

The VIP DAY I had with Mary was a GAME CHANGER. Because of the clarity and new found sales confidence I gained working with Mary, it has catapulted our business. This was a long overdue, major shift that I just wasn’t getting on my own.

Within the first week after developing my new product I had my first 15K week. Since then I have signed numerous clients, I am a featured speaker and have the business I have always dreamed about. We accomplished so much in just a few months. Thank you Mary so much, I can’t tell you how valuable your coaching was. I know I will make back many thousands of times my investment.


Kathy Kidd, Coach

Let’s talk about how to grow your private practice. You, me & 40 minutes of answering some of those HOW-TO questions.

I’m Mary Bicknell, MSW.  I am a life business & strategist for women who are ready for more FREEDOM. Your most important desire is to have more TIME FREEDOM and to grow your private practice. The women I have worked with over the last 20+ years were tired of working hard, missing out and feeling stuck, just like you. As a former LCSW, psychotherapist and top sales trainer, I started teaching women how to have a BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ….because I, too, crave…Time freedom.

 I believe this…we are going to be dead a long time and I want to do everything in life I long for, I yearn for…I don’t want to miss out.

My clients are women who want to make a difference in the world. Want to help shape and changes lives. Want to allow that inner calling to come out. Want to really see who they can become….if they let FEAR move along.

Helping clients and patients is a joy, but building the business doesn’t feel like it. In fact, building or expanding your practice takes a lot of energy if you don’t have the right HOW-TO’s.

I help with the HOW-TO’s. I help grow your private practice, get your head in the game, prevent burn-out, design the best business and marketing plan and put the plan into systems that allow leverage, scaling and automation…so you aren’t exhausted!

My own successful biz took off as soon as I implemented my proven system. In fact, 450% in a single year!  I now am DRIVEN to support other women biz owners get all the clients they want in their practices and build as big as they can dream! Because they want to:

  • live up to their potential,
  • make sh*t tons of money,
  • have all the free time to do whatever the hell they want.

You are here because something about me resonates with you. My clients say I kick them in the ass, while I give them a hug.

What would your life look like if you had the TIME FREEDOM you crave? How would you feel if you were making a big difference? What would you stop missing out on? How good would you feel inside? Maybe relaxed for the first time in years!  I can help you grow your private practice.


Freedom to be a mom Mary Bicknell